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“Supporting Ukraine, neighbouring EU MS, and Moldova: Information-sharing webinar on how civil society and health professionals can mobilise to support medical and public health needs of Ukrainian and displaced persons”

Friday 4 March 2022, 14:30 – 16:30 CET, Brussels time

Over 350 people registered for the webinar, including representatives from Member States, patient organisations, health professionals, NGOs and industry. “I am impressed by your work and admire your engagement,” said Director General of Health and Food Safety Sandra Gallina, opening the webinar. “What we need now is to federate our efforts. . It’s important that we try to lay the foundation to coordinate in a way that is most useful for the recipients.” After giving an overview of what the Commission is doing in collaboration with Member States, other EU agencies and institutions and international organisations to provide medical assistance in this crisis, she gave the floor to Acting Deputy Director General John F. Ryan, who discussed urgent needs and the vital role of health stakeholders in providing support. Isabel de la Mata then took over to moderate the nearly two-hour discussion, first providing some information about the coordination mechanism provided through DG ECHO and the ERCC for the transfer of patients. This is done closely with the national competent authorities, she explained. Medicines and medical devices are also included in the transfers via the EU civil protection mechanism, and the requests received so far could be shared with any interested stakeholders. Participants overwhelmingly voiced their support for pooling together efforts and sharing knowledge in order to avoid duplicating efforts, to prioritize needs and to be able to provide assistance and medical supplies as quickly as possible. Many stakeholders also had the opportunity to share their experiences and state their needs, either by taking the microphone or leaving comments by chat.

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