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Call for abstracts for ECIC 2021 Serbia

Your research can go a long way at ECIC 2021 The Congress Scientific Committee invites you to submit the abstract of your latest original research and case reports for poster presentation at the...

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Access to safe, quality and legal abortion and a safe care post-abortion

EMA believes that it is the right of every woman to have control over her own body, to have access to safe, quality and legally provided abortion and a post-abortion care. It is universally...

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EMA call for action

Today we published an editorial in European Journal of Midwifery: ‘The European Midwives Association call for action to protect our midwives in delivering best care amidst the COVID-19...

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Healthcare professionals urge authorities to guarantee protection to those in front lines against Covid-19

The European health professionals and their students’ organisations are calling on the European Commission and the governments to support and protect healthcare professionals fighting Covid-19....

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New roadmap to tackle antimicrobial resistance by Stakeholder Network on Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR has been declared by the World Health Organization as an urgent, global health threat, projected to cause more deaths globally than cancer by 2050. The new Roadmap outlines 5 concrete strategies...

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