Homebirth – What Do We Know about It?

Homebirth – What Do We Know about It?

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This year is the year of the ongoing changes in the Czech obstetrics. At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Health supported the case for outpatient delivery. Midwives can now officially provide unassisted care to women in hospitals. During the first week of June the International Congress of Midwives with an unprecedent participation of 3,700 midwives and doctors from 101 countries took place in Prague. It was focused on the independent work of midwives as defined by the international definition of a midwife. Midwives' competencies continue to expand and this development is heading to the autonomy of this profession in our healthcare system.

In the Czech Republic there is growing number of women who are aware that pregnancy is not a disease. They perceive it as a positive and healthy part of life, and therefore they seek out experts to support a healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. Such experts are especially found in midwives.

Motto: Fear is the extended shadow of ignorance. Arnold H. Glasow

Hundreds of babies are born in a planned homebirth in the Czech Republic each year. Many women coming to the hospital are trying to shorten their stay in the hospital by employing the services of a midwife, who accompanies them during the healthy pregnancy, the delivery and also during the postpartum period. In the Czech Republic there is a great future potential for developing a system of continuous community care provided by midwives. In many countries of the world where this model of care wasn't forcibly interrupted by communist totalitarianism, this is a common well-developed part of the system of maternal and perinatal care. Comparable results show that this model produces much better results in health of newborns and well-being of women. This model also delivers significant financial savings to healthcare system.

Charity organization The Birthing House U Capa has decided to present to healthcare professionals and to the public at large the functional involvement of midwives in the mother-and-child care. Also their role in improving safety and the quality of the care in the context of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The International Conference on continuous community care called „Home Birth – What Do We Know About It?“ will deliver facts and information on scientific research and also practical obstetric experience and skills applicable in the hospital and beyond. It is the first ever conference of its kind in the Czech Republic; therefore it will be a unique opportunity to gain useful information directly from internationally recognized foreign experts and exposing their work to the world level. The knowledge and skills gained at the conference will help healthcare professionals particularly from smaller maternity hospitals to promote natural childbirth and increase the competitiveness of its facilities.

The conference is intended for all those affected by the arrival of a new baby – midwives, doctors, students of midwifery, medics, emergency, parents and grandparents, as well as representatives of state healthcare. This event is included in the lifelong education system of midwives and is accredited by the Union of Midwives (UNIPA) by the Ministry of Health Act 4/2010.

It is an unquestionable fact that each not induced labor begins at home and the midwife can help a woman at the time of her labor and the days after birth as well.

We look forward to your participation and we would appreciate if you would share with other participants your experiences or information in the form of discussion groups, photo stories, workshops or posters.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 7th and 8th of November 2014 at the hotel Olšanka in Prague.

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