EBCOG 2020

EBCOG 2020

Welcome to the EBCOG 2020 congress May 14th -16th 2020 Bergen, Norway:

 Contemporary foetal-maternal medicine in Europe

Dear fellow midwifes and obgyns,

during this congress European obstetrician/gynecologists and midwifes will meet to learn, discuss and interact to promote female/reproductive health. The congress is endorsed by EMAS.

Do not miss keynote events such as:

- Mary Renfrew (UK) -Improvement of maternal and newborn health through midwifery - Jørg Kessler (NO) - Low risk delivery unit: presentation of Storken midwifery unit within the University (of Bergen) setting -Jacky Nizard (FR): Happy Caesar in Paris - Sarah Stock (UK)- Home induction –Ellen Blix (NO) Perspectives on induction and post-term pregnancies

Interactive Courses with Excellences

How to publish your paper   First trimester ultrasound  Ultrasound: second trimester challenges  Intrapartum fetal monitoring    Basic obstetric maneuvers  Prevention and repair of 3rd and 4th degree tears

For the interactive program visit EBCOG 2020 program

Come and share your own research or practical experience with European colleagues: free orals 7 minutes, oral posters 3 minutes, surgical video presentations/ short videos/ and case reports:


The abstract deadline is January 5th 2020!

Send in your abstract via the congress website or click HERE to submit now.

Early bird registration until 30th of January 2020.

Reduced undergraduate/non-doctors fee!