EU Research

EMA Board fully recognises the capacity limitations within the research agenda, however, several initiatives were accomplished and will form on-going activities for 2015-16.

EMA was invited as Associate partner by Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) to develop a bid for EU funding regarding FGM across EU, titled: United to END FGM: European Knowledge Platform for Professionals. The bid has been successful and project is timed to start in September 2015.

EMA contacted Maastricht (NL), Lancashire University to form collaboration between their Masters Study course students and EMA

EMA is supporting a multi-country bid for funding to set up a network for Doctoral Students in EU led by various universities.

IResearch4birth is unique, timely and innovative in applying newly emerging scientific techniques based on complexity and salutogenic theories to the urgent European and world problem of maternal and infant mortality, morbidity, and wellbeing.

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Black Dot indicates that EMA members know that midwifery research is taking place in that Country. Further information about Midwifery research Projects will be added soon.

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