Board Member Activities






Alcohol and Health Forum (EUAHF) 16 - 17th February 2017, Brussels – attended by Mervi Jokinen.

3th March 2017 Genéve, Switzerland - International Confederation of Midwives - Update the ICM’s Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice – attended by Joeri Vermeulen. EMA was invited as a Task Force member together with representations from WHO, UNFPA, FIGO Safe Motherhood Committee, Save the Children, White Ribbon Alliance. 

8th March 2017 - Congress of University College Leuven-Limburg, ‘International week’, Leuven, Belgium  - attended by Joeri VermeulenThe Secretary gave a presentation about ‘Midwifery in an international perspective’.  

17th March 2017 - WHO European Region; Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) guidelines actions plan for Europe. Sheffield, UK and 10th-15th September 2017, Regional Committee Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, both attended by Mervi Jokinen.  

18 - 21st March 2017, Verdala, Malta - Mervi Jokinen President and Maria Cutajar attended at forum.The Women in Parliament Global Forum (WIP) hosted a high level meeting on Maternal Health and Refugee Women, in Malta.During the meeting there was a visit to a refugee and migrant camp, which highlighted the current challenges Malta is facing in providing health care to all but especially to the vulnerable population of pregnant women and babies. EU co-funded ‘ORAMMA- project, in which EMA is a full participating partner, is one of EU activities in supporting to establish good practice and guidelines in delivering quality safe maternity care to migrant and refugee women and babies.   

WHO CC (Midwifery Collaborating Centre, Cardiff University) Mervi Jokinen President 3rd April 2017 Cardiff, Wales.  Official launch of the WHO CC and reception. 5th June 2017 WHO CC Advisory group meetings Cardiff, Wales (Teleconference)    

EU Commission 15th May 2017 Brussels - attended by Mervi Jokinen.The European Commission hosted a conference in Brussels to look at the first year of operation of the European professional card and the alert mechanism.  

19-20th May  - 2nd Congress of Serbian Midwives, Belgrade, Serbia Anita Prelec, Board member The 2nd Congress of Serbian Midwives was held in Belgrade. The programme included a presentation about EMA, EMA projects and international midwifery.  

EMA Executive Board meetings:

EMA GM Sofia 2016, 23th-24th September 2016

EMA Board meeting Brussels3th-4th February 2017 

EMA Board meeting Ljubljana, 28th-29th April 2017 

EMA Board Skype, 2nd July 2017 

25th - 27th May 2017 Stockholm, Sweden - European Congress on Intrapartum Care (ECIC)  Attended by Mervi Jokinen, Eva Matintupa, Joeri Vermeulen.  The 3rd European Congress on Intrapartum Care; Making Birth Safer (ECIC) took place in Stockholm in May 2017. The Scientific Committee members named by EMA had been fully involved in developing the programme and reviewing abstracts over the 2 years in preparation for the event. The Swedish Midwives Association was part of the local Organising Committee. The congress had 863 participants from 67 counties, 29% of them were midwives. EMA continues to be a partner hosting association and looks forward building another successful multi-disciplinary Congress in Turin 12th-16th March 2019


8th March 2016- The Secretary gave a presentation about ‘Midwifery in an international perspective’ on Congress of University College Leuven-Limburg, ‘International week’, Leuven, Belgium

On 21st May 2016 Mervi Jokinen, Joeri Vermeulen and Eva Matintupa have meeting with KNOV in Utrecht.

June 2016- Mervi Jokinen attended video conference about survey on members’ national policies, guidance and practice linked to Zika virus relating to reproductive health. EMA will continue to collaborate with future planning or actions. There have been identified cases in Europe in general population, surveillance and reporting of cases was expected to increase through the summer months.

EMA Executive Board has 3 meetings in 2016: 

22th -23th January 2016 in Brussels

29th-30th April 2016 on Malta

25th July 2016 - EMA Board by Skype

EU COMMISSION Directorates - DG SANTE  and EU Health Policy Forum (EUPHF) Brussels -One of the main interests has been eHealth and 2016 has proven to be a good year for cross-border cooperation on eHealth: 20 Member States took part in the first wave of the Connecting Europe Facility to apply for funding to help establish eHealth National Contact Points. These contact points provide the infrastructure that guarantees a secure exchange of health information across borders.  

EU Alcohol and Health Forum-EMA was part of the group of NGOs who signed a joint resignation letter in June 2015 to the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF). Our commitment to reduce alcohol related harm is strong among our member associations. The Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA), whose purpose is to encourage collaboration between member states, met in Lisbon on 22nd September 2015.

EU Commission - The EU Joint Action on Health Workforce (JAHW)- The final stages of this multi-faceted project culminated with a final report launch in Brussels in June 2016. The Joint Action put forward a set of recommendations aimed at a sustained health workforce environment and practical proposals for European, regional and member state level collaboration. The project’s results are fully available on the website  

International Confederation of Midwives -Update the ICM’s Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice- EMA was invited as a Task Force member together with representations from WHO, UNFPA, FIGO Safe Motherhood Committee, Save the Children, White Ribbon Alliance. The Taskforce works with the Core Working Group to agree the study design, review and comment on drafts of all tools developed for the study; review and comment on drafts of all reports that are generated from study data; assist to shape recommendations that emerge from the data; and advocate for support of the study implementation in member country associations. Communications among Taskforce members occurred primarily by electronic mail, and by conference call. Joeri Vermeulen attended meetings on 9th March and 20th July 2016. 

European Forum for National Nursing and Midwifery Associations (EFNNMA)- Lillian Bondo, Danish Delegate, attended a meeting on behalf of EFNNMA on “Strategy on Women’s Health in WHO European Region 2016-21" in January 2016. During 2016, many Steering Group meetings happened: 29th February- 1st March 2016 Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, 11th April /9th June 2016 by SKYPE and 25-26th August 2016 in St Petersburg, Russia.

Euro-Peristat Meeting, Paris, France- Mervi Jokinen President, presentation given on EMA role and activities to enforce links with Euro-Peristat members in April 2016.

Midwifery Unit Network (MUNet)- EMA is part of the advisory group on a European level initiative to strengthen Midwifery Units in Europe established by a group of champions in UK. Research projects are linked to the activities. Website EMA  representative is Mervi Jokinen, President. 

Research and external projects

  1. United to END FGM: European Knowledge Platform for professionals dealing with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Project lead Cyprus University of Technology (CUT).
  2. Bertine Gunnink Midwife Netherlands was chosen from the 3 experts nominated by EMA Board to give advice and act as a midwifery peer reviewer to the project.
  3. “ORAMMA: Operational Refugee And Migrant Maternal Approach”a project bid for European funding 2nd June 2016 led by Athens University.
  4. Innovative MAternity Care: Scaling-up midwife-led continuity of care to improve the functioning and sustainability of maternity care systems. (IMpACT) multi-partner bid to Horizon 2020 led by Ank de Jonge. Unsuccessful bid (August 2016).

Infant feeding: EMA engaged with IBFAN ( Maria Cutajar Board Member

Throughout the year EMA was regulary updated from IBFAN - infant nutrition lobbying organization and part of breastfeeding lobbying group, BFLG. Through this group EMA received up-dated information on what issues regarding infant nutrition are discussed or positions taken even at EU level.  EMA exchanged information with its members by uploading anything of relevance on its website and other social media. Joint lobbying with other NGOs.


5th October 2015- Joeri Vermeulen gave a presentation about ‘How the EU Directive is guiding midwifery education today’ on Congress of Centre for Nursing and Midwifery, ‘Midwifery in international perspective’ University Ghent, Belgium.

25th November 2015- The Secretary gave a presentation about ‘Midwifery in Europe. Challenges for the Belgian midwives’ on Congress Internationale Leerstoel Francine Goris, ‘Mind the Midwife’, Ghent, Belgium

15-17th September 2015 was WHO 65th Regional Committee meeting and EFNNMA Steering Group meeting, attended by Mervi Jokinen.

9th June 2015 -The EU Joint Action on Health Workforce (JAWH) – Attened by Mervi Jokinen, President

4 peer review of current work stream documents, Teleconference 9th June 2015 - A meeting took place in the Commission to discuss further with the Lead Mr Hoegaerden.

May 2015- Pan European Networks

The article ‘Investing in the future’ was published in May 2015 in the Pan European Networks Government journal (distributed to 200,000 readers, the publication covers topical developments across the Union, on a variety of policy areas).

http://www.paneurope HYPERLINK ""

22nd-23rd May 2015 European Congress on Intrapartum Care (ECIC) in Porto 2015

Anita Prelec, Mervi Jokinen and Eva Matintupa (also as memebers of Scientific Committee) attended the event. EMA was a partner organiser of this Congress; 874 delegates from 54 countries, nearly as many midwives as obstetricians in addition to medical and midwifery students. The Portuguese Nurses and Midwives Association acted as excellent country hosts.

5th May 2015 there was International Day of Midwives Edinburgh, Scotland. Attended Mervi Jokinen President

April 2015 - Board meeting was held in Paris, France.

8-10th April 2015 Riga, Latvia there was European Forum for National Nursing and Midwifery Associations (EFNNMA) attended by Mervi Jokinen.

21st-22nd March 2015 Observer in ICM CER Meeting in Brussels attended by Mervi Jokinen, President

March 2015 - Joeri Vermeulen published the article ‘EMA General Meeting 2014’ in VLOV Tijdschrift voor Vroedvrouwen 21/2.

March 2015 - Joeri Vermeulen had a presentation about the future of midwifery education in Belgium and Europe on the conference of the Belgian Midwives Association (‘The future of childbirth in Belgium’).

February 2015 - Joeri Vermeulen attended a meeting about the organisation of maternity services and the launch of the Lancet series for the French speaking community (‘La pratique de sage-femme, une solution essentielle pour offrir des soins maternels de qualité dans le monde’) WHO Geneve.

February 2015- EU Alcohol and Health Forum

In February 2015, EMA renewed its membership commitment with EUAHF. Joeri Vermeulen  attended the Forum in Brussels in May . In June, a letter of collective resignation co-signed by EMA  was send to the  Health and Food Safety Commissioner : Dr Andriukaitis. The reason of the collective resignation were :

  • Absence of new Alcohol Strategy

  • The commission ignored demands from the EU parliament members states and NGO’s to implement  a comprehensive to implement a comprehensive EU alcohol strategy

January 2015 - Board meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

January 2015 -EAHC/2013/Health/07 tender (CPD+LLL)

The final stages of the EACH project; ‘a study to review and map the continuous professional development (CPD) of the regulated sectoral health professions in the European Union (EU), Croatia and the EFTA/EEA countries’ were completed during October and November 2014 and the final report was published in January 2015.

Since then Mervi JokinenI have been invited to give 2 presentations on the whole study to WHO European CNOs and EFNNMA members and via webinar to the Chief Nurses (Finland) organised by the Finnish Ministry of Health.

2013 – 2014 

London, October 2013 – Mervi Jokinen attended Health Professionals Crossing the Borders (HPCB) conference on EU Professional qualifications Directive and Joint Action on Health Workforce.

Maastricht, November 2013 - The Executive Board members attended the EMA education Conference. Presentations by Mervi Jokinen and many EMA delegates. KNOV with Maastricht University successfully executed an excellent conference.

Eva Matintupa, 2013, published article ”EMA annual meeting in Zagreb” (EM An vuosikokous Zagrebissa). Journal for Finnish Midwives (Kätilölehti) 2013 (7) 26 ISBN:0022-9415

Brussels, February 2014 – The board member attended one follow-up meeting on the Directive. The professional ePC project pilot run by DG Markt

EMA provided a letter of support to the Maastricht University in applying for establishment of Master’s Degree in Midwifery within Netherlands

April 2014 -‘Optimising Childbirth across the Europe’ Conference attended, EMA leaflets and badges distributed in Brussels.

May 2014 - EMA letter of support to the French midwives. This was translated into French and sent to all their Association members by email.

May 2014 - Mervi Jokinen organised, attended and chaired a midwifery session at the EBCOG Conference in Glasgow partnered by RCM Board Scotland. EMA badges and leaflets distributed.

May 2014 - Mervi Jokinen attended WHO/ICN/ICM regulation WHO Triad meeting in Geneva.

June 2014, Prague - presentation given by Mervi Jokinen on EU Directive and collaborative working. EMA Badges and leaflets distributed at the conference.

The EU Commissioned Project EAHC on CPD and LLL. Mervi Jokinen leading the EMA representation.  A lot of face-to-face meetings and teleconferences were undertaken, two literature searches, EU level Survey, written reports prepared and technical workshop in June 2014. Invited members to workshop from Germany/Denmark/UK in addition to expert group representation from NL/Malta

EMA participating to the consultation on the future of EUPHF along Commission new strategy.

Marit Heiberg attended one meeting with EBCOG on maternity standards.

Organisation and scientific committee representation in preparing ECIC 2015 Porto- Board members Mervi Jokinen, Eva Matintupa and EMA’s delegate Rosalia Marques, APEO. 

EMA contributing to the Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting.

Mervi Jokinen was invited by Cypriot Nurses and Midwives Committee shared a meeting with Cypriot MEP.

EMA co-signaturee on a joint letter from varied NGOs to European Council calling for European commitments on children’s rights to be prioritised in future common migration and asylum policies.

August 2014 - Eva Matintupa have a presentation about Midwifery education across Europe at Finnish Ministry of Education.

September 2014- Joeri Vermeulen Scientific validator of the Belgian KCE report “Caring for mothers and newborns after uncomplicated delivery: towards integrated postnatal care’.

September 2014- GM and board meeting were in Tallinn, Estonia.